by Lisa Fraser-Pereira
(South Africa)

My husband made me more aware of the history of Japan, which include the brutal rape, sexual harrasment and neglect of women and little children. I did some research on the subject and was shocked to see that they had no 'say' in the matter.

It is difficult to express things like this in words for me or even to look at those pictures, therefore I combined letters from the traditional and modern Japanese language to express the word 'expression'.

Acrylic on canvas
46cm x 36cm

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by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi Lisa,

Nice colours. It looks like a book cover.
There is a lot of expression in your painting.
Well done.


by: Linda


this is a very moving account of why you created this piece of work.

As you have discovered there is a lot of painful history buried away not only in Japan but worldwide.

The fact that you have expressed your horror and respected those who have suffered, enough to create this bold statement is a beautiful tribute to the women and children who were subjected to these horrors.

Well done Lisa

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