by Adnan Sisman

65x50 watercolor I used Daler Rowney watercolor mediums and same marked brushes. For the paper I used Canson 300 gr.

Emily is my friend. And her photo is impressed me so much. So I decided to make her watercolor picture I always do my paintworks with full of love and overflow... I always talk with my paintworks when I create them. I think I am a bit crazy... For understanding this I submitted this watercolor portrait paintwork a bit bigger than always... Sorry Bob forgive me please... I think the best way to tell the paintworks is to show it... Am I not right?

Oh I forgot to say another thing; For making a good paintwork it is absolutely to have a very clear spirit... For this you must read holy books like Bible(old or new)or Qoran... Nowadays I am reading "Mesnevi" from Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi. He has lived 800 years ago in the middle Anatolia. And Unesco says this (2007) year is Mevlana year... Mevlana is a Love philosopher guy...

I wish you all a very happy new year... Let your brushes be stronger in the new year.


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by: Mary

beautifully done and I love that you talk to your paintings while you are doing them .

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