Ember the moonlight dragon

by Sam
(Australia Queensland Townsville)

I did this drawing on plain A4 paper with a normal lead pencil.(yeah not very artistic yet, but I'm getting there!)

the reason why I did this drawing is because I love dragons, there the best! If I could do anything differently I'd change the shape of the eye and head.

If you have any comments that would be awesome, tell us what you think thanks!

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The dragon is cute...
by: Jill

being named Ember, it should be orange, red, or yellow though. (just my opinion)

by: lipi(india)

actually..even i believe that dragons r super cool and r awesome...but i think may be u should improve ur sketch and make ur drawing also..cool ...best of luck

Ember the Moonlight Dragon
by: Mops

Sam...Sam....Sam!!!!!I'm going to be mean and miserable now. You can do much better than this. I know you can because I've seen some of your work.The drawing is O.K but it's more or less an outline.
You need medium and dark darks against the light areas to make the dragon pop out.Where the dragon's head is light darken the background around it and fade it out gradually.
These are just my thoughts.........no charge :o)
Looking forward to seeing another dragon....I like them too.

Very Dark
by: Judith

I guess it's the way it was printed. The dragon is cute though.

by: charlie

I will say this, your Dragon, looks fantastic! I have only recently started drawing again, and it has taking me a while to get back into the swing of it. Don't ever be put off, by what people say. I still can't draw people or faces. And I got an A in my gcse's and that was 15 years ago!
Keep at it, as I promise you this, practice does make perfect.

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