Easily removable caps

by Debby
(Dubre, KY)

Have you ever had a cap on a tube of paint so glued on that you needed pliers to remove it, sometimes ripping the tube in the process? When you first get new tube colors no matter what kind of paint really, take a tiny dab of Vaseline and coat the threads of the tube. Take a paper towel to help coat the threads and wipe off any excess. Take care not to get Vaseline inside the tube. Now replace the cap. This will make removing the cap in the future much easier. This process may have to be repeated in the future if you can tell that the cap is starting to stick.

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by: Anonymous

Great idea I have this problem all the time and it drives me crazy. Must buy a pot of vaseline.

Easily removable caps
by: Donna

I like the idea in part. Partly because I use Artist grade Watercolor Tube paint and the tops do stick and rip when I try to open them. Which is not that big a deal for Watercolor because you can store the ripped tube into a baggie and use it anytime in the fucture.
For Acrylic Tube paint, this would probably work really well, because if you do rip the tube, you may as well toss it after one time use when it's been ripped open.
I only gave a 4 star because I have a ton of tubes of paint and taking the time to put vasaline on them sounds so time consuming. I guess in the long run it would save you tossing out Acrylic paint though.
Truly do Thank you for the post, it's a good idea. I wonder how this would work on Tubes of Glue???

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