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This was a commissioned piece, done on bristol board using graphite & charcoal.

How not to paint a cat!! 
Hi: I really wanted to do a watercolour of Henry....a really friendly cat they said at the Humane Society....called him "Spritzle" they did. You say …

Carl In Heaven 
I used #2 pencil on regular computer paper. Original size 11x14. In order to scan and upload to pc. I had to split, copy, print, tape, print and scan …

Shocked old! 
drawing pencil,A4,made 2005.

I just started drawing in November 2007 I love how you can do so much with so little tools. Here is a picture of my cat Daisie who is 9 years old. …

Sisters Make the Best Friends 
This was done on commission for friends of my boss. I had some problem getting the lighting right, but overall I am pleased with the finished product. …

sweet rose 
Surface: Reg white paper Size: 12x18in This was an art project at school. I decided to challenge myself with the transparency of the glass and the …

A tribute to my beloved Uncle Daulton, who recently died. He was a great man. Done in graphite.

Mom & Dad 
From photos of my Mom and Dad from long ago. These two photos were taken before they even knew each other. I believe my Dad was around 18, and my Mom …

sasuke sakura 
This pic took me 7 weeks to finish! if you have no idea what naruto is you will not get this pic. This has nothing to do with trees,plants,rocks or anything …

Paint Horse 
Pencil sketch on bristol paper, 11 x 14 inches, most pleased with how the neck creases turned out, would choose something different for the bridle if I …

self portrait 
This is a self portrait. It is done in pencil and the size is A4. All input welcome. Irene Ann.

Welcome to Our World 
Done from a photo of my grandaugther, Autumn, one hour after her birth. Her first impression doesn't seem to be very positive! Done in graphite and charcoal. …

The Innocence of New Life 
My daughter holding her newborn niece. Done from a digital photo, using charcoal and graphite.

Enjoy the Moment 
This was done from a digital photo of my son and his two daughters when they came to visit us on the farm last May. The children were visiting the goats …

Dog Rose 
This picture is a drawing (again from a book I was reading. The picture is drawn on paper from a sketch book and mostly 2F and 4B pencils. As I have said …

The Late, Great Sooty 
When my best friend's 22 year old cat died, I wanted to honor him with a colored pencil portrait--it took weeks, but I loved doing it and giving them a …

White Tree Poppy 
This was drawn on cartridge paper, mostly with a HB and B pencils, it was a picture I saw in a book I was reading and it just cried out to be drawn, I …

Fun in the Sun 
This was done from my son's favorite photo of his daughter, Kaitlyn. Done on bristol using charcoal and graphite.

waiting for dusk 
This is one I did in oils - have been doing oils for about 2 years and use artisan oils mostly. Dave.

Do not smoke...  
Never smoke! Not only in the car... Everywhere. But I couldn't quit smoking :-( I made this picture with 0,5 black ink pen on 300 gr/sm watercolor paper. …

Still life with jugs 
This started out as an exercise in a 'how to draw' book I coloured it with watercolour pencils to make it my own

Hat Girl 
This was done on printer paper with pencil and erazer, 8 1/2"x11. I did this at work in between customers. It was taken from a photo. I always struggle …

Christina A. 3 
I like the detail in this one better. I used pencil on printer paper 8 x 10.

Christina A. 2 
I used pencil on printer paper. I feel I should have spent more time on detail.

Make It So 
My husband and I are Trekkies, so I did this portrait of Patrick Stewart, better known as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard. What do you fellow trekkies think? Done …

Take Me Out Of the Ball Game 
So named, because little Devon seems unsure that he actually wants to be there! My grandson at T-Ball. Done on bristol using graphite and charcoal. …

MMMM, Good 
This was done from a photo of my grandaughter, Merideth. Portraying the ice cream on her face was a little difficult. Done on bristol, w/ graphite & …

Brotherly Love 
My grandson shows his love for little sister, and ends up napping with her. Done on bristol, with graphite and charcoal.

I'm a big guy with a soft heart really enjoying my cartoons so i drew him from the tv show digimon. his charater is sorta like me light hearted but can …

Lion and Lamb 
Done on smooth bristol with graphite and charcoal. I combined parts from several photos to create this drawing. I like the say they both seem to be "looking …

This was done on smooth bristol with graphite and charcoal. Starla is a member of my sister's family, and I did this portrait as a gift to her. She loved …

Dog sketch 
Done on printer paper 8.5"x11" with pencil while bored to tears at my old job. From a picture in a magazine. Proportion was the challenge here. I liked …

The Nap 
This was done on 9 X 12 Bristol, using graphite and charcoal. Drawing is from a digital photo of my grandson and his dog, enjoying a mutual nap. There …

Happy Dolphin 
This sketch is done on an 11 x 14 paper that is was done in graphite. I started back up sketching about 2 months ago after a 30 yr hiatus. I still need …

This portrait is drawn on cartridge paper using pencil and charcoal with a putty/kneadable rubber to lift off. It measures approx. 16" x 11". Murdo …

This portrait is drawn using cartridge paper and willow charcoal. It measures approx. 10" x 8". They say if your were alive at the time of the Kennedy …

Potrait of a Mare 
Surface-Canson sketch pad, 65 lb. paper, Medium-Graphite - HB, approx. 3B Size - 2x4 inch sketch. Inspiration - Excercise at Drawspace.com Challenges …

Swan I 
Surface - Canson Sketchpad, 65 lb paper Size - 3.5 x 4 inches Medium - charcoal and graphite Inspiration - Negative space exercise at Drawspace.com …

The Face 
I can't write, as English isn't good :(

Charolais Cattle 
Hello again everybody, I thought I might run my second attempt at drawing and colouring past you, although I do it after much hand wringing, and dare I …

Kiss me 
Used black roll pen on water paint paper. 14X19 cm

Come on! let me out! 
I drew this on Acrylic paper because I am a fool and do not know what I am doing yet. The paper is 14"x10". It is drawn using Derwent coloured pencils, …

Mountain Man 
This was drawn in 1999. Its one of my favorite. I used a #2 pencil for the whole pic.

Here I've used an A4 paper, and tried to see if I could draw the head of a horse. I think the shadows are quite difficult to make, as well as giving it …

Man with snake 
I also did this drawing in '99. I used pencil. The man has some detail i mostly wanted the snake to be the focal point .

2.5 x 3.5 inch drawing on Strathmore cream drawing paper. This cat was drawn as part of a challenge to draw in ATC size. It turned out to be easier than …

Christina A.  Not rated yet
This with a few others I've drawn for my daughter. I used pencil on printer paper.

Baby - Pencil Sketching  starstarstarstarstar
Medium used: Pencil (Faber Castle Pencil)
Paper : Drawing Book
size: 13*18 inches

Baby Girl - Pencil Sketch  starstarstarstar
I made this sketch as a visual aid for one of my English speeches last year during my sophomore year in high school. I simply used pencil because I had ...

Three Monochromatic Studies  starstarstarstarstar
Here are three studies as indicated by the title. My inspiration came from a video demonstration at www.starwars.com. I used an HB pencil to sketch in ...

Sweet Old Couple  starstarstarstar
Here is a sketch that I made last august 14, this is about the sweet old couple facing to each other. I used pencil. The surface I am using is my ...

Toursister  starstarstar
This is a sketch from a newspaper file photo. I wanted to capture the woman's form without worrying about details of her clothes so it turned out like ...

The Child  starstarstarstar
I first used watercolors ..very light greys then charcoal . I'm not entirly pleased with it but "I am a work in progress" . It shows growth since the last ...

Angel - Pencil Sketch  Not rated yet
I drew this picture as an addition to my English Speech. It was meant to represent a Saint that came to Joan of Arc, however I don't know how well it ...

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