Dragon on wine glass

by Charity

I love this one. I had a hard time drawing dragons before but this is my best. I used pencil for the sketch then finished in colored pencil on 8 x 10 drawing paper.

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I like it
by: Todd

I like the concept of a miniature dragon teetering on a...the age old question-is the glass half-empty or half-full? Charity, you've got good skills. It's time to hit the books and take it to the next level. I hope you receive this as encouragement. I say this because sometimes it only takes one or two small details to prevent complete enjoyment of a picture. Above, you depicted wine as filling up the glass almost to the brim. But you don't show wine filling the entire glass. Rember, that the liquid has to be shown as a plane in space with the same vanishing point as the glass and it's base.

Wine glass
by: Dorothy, Carluke

Hi Charity,

I really like your dragon perched on the rim of the glass and the way his tail is meandering round the stem but the glass bothers me a little.

You have drawn the glass as if one is looking down into it and you have got the reflections of wine but I think perhaps you should show some wine in the glass as I feel it would be seen from this angle.

However, this is just a thought and I hope you don't mind me saying.


lovely dragon
by: Dorothy, Cambs

I think your dragon is great but the wineglass is top heavy

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