Dog Rose

by Pat

The Dog Rose

The Dog Rose

This picture is a drawing (again from a book I was reading. The picture is drawn on paper from a sketch book and mostly 2F and 4B pencils. As I have said before I love flowers and I try as best as I can to capture the flowers I see. The size of the picture is about A5.

I love the picture and I would change much about it, the artwork could be improved greatly, the challenge for me is always the same the shading, I am getting better (with so much good advice from this site) hopefully I will keep on getting better. Ihope you love the picture as much as me

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by: Mary Fraser

beautfully sketched ..what I do is take a photo the print out a few copies to experiment with color ...diffrent light directions ect . I do these quickly and don't worry about 'staying in the lines' grin .

by: Anonymous

well done are you going to put a back ground on this sketch it may make the flower stand out more irene ann

by: Dorothy, Carluke

Hi Pat,

The shading on your dog rose is much better than on your Tree Poppies. This flower has much more shape and form.

When your painting try to think from what direction the light is coming and where this light would "hit" (for want of a better word)your subject.

What I normally do is to draw a little arrow on my drawing board lightly in pencil and that reminds me if I go off track in what direction the light is coming.

You can also get reflected light where say if you were drawing an apple one side would be in shade and the other in light but there would also be a narrow curve of light on the dark side of the apple this is called reflected light but I don't want to get too longwinded and perhaps confuse you and myself but get a good book on drawing from your library it is sure to have a chapter on shape and form.

Well done on the Dog Rose,



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