Dancing Peacock

by Lavanya

Medium: Acrylic paints

Surface: Card Stock
Size: Approx 10 x 12 inches

Inspiration: Peacock is my all time favorite. So I decided to paint a dancing peacock. I rushed up with this art and finished it in few hours.
I m totally happy with the peacock's head and neck. The colors have blend so well.

If I get a chance to try something different on the same image, i would work more on the feather details.

So what do you think about it?

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by: Angeline (the Netherlands)

I think you should spend more time to the feather details, as you wrote. Now it seems as if the feathers are not connected to the bird's body, they are just hanging in the air.

I agree with you that the head and neck are well done. The blue colour is beautiful, I like that.


by: Mary

love the blue and the head is nicely done . i agree that more tail detail would be nice , seeing the whole birdwould give a better sense of 'dancing' ..just a thought . keep on keeping on .

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