Cut price Acryilic Impasto Medium

by T.M. Smith
(Norfolk UK )

Only reccomended for expermenting with as I've no idea about the long term stability of the following. Been expermenting with using decorating acrylic-based corking filler mixed with acrlyic paint.

I used polyfiller from a mastic gun, pumped into a small glass jar. Its then mixed with acrlyic extender to make a buttery textered paste.
This works really well with knife painting and over painting mistakes. It mixes well with acrlyic paint and can be over painted with good drying times. Very cost effective way to learn impasto and have fun.

My experments have not peeled off the canvas or cracked of yet. But I did dip into the pocket and buy the proper acrlyic impasto gel for my more serious, saleable work.

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3 D effect.
by: Anonymous No 9

Can one pipe this mixed medium onto canvas to make a raised outline, once dry can it also be painted over with gesso?

Impasto on the cheap
by: Anonymous

I have used flexible ceramic tile adhesive in the past. Not grout, but adhesive in a big tub from the DIY shop. It makes the paint matt, but its great for knife application, modelling and texture.

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