Country Blessings

by Karla

This is an oil on canvas painting size 16 X 12. I love it. But it seems to me the bricks are too perfect? Any comments are welcome, I appreciate all your input. Thank you Bob I love this site! Karla USA

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Thank you Monte
by: Karla

Hey, I do appreciate all comments and helpful tips, I need all the help I can get...I find with each painting I improve with something. I just find putting it all together is sometimes a bit difficult to put all I am learning together in one painting! haha... I will gesso it out and try it again... I will put it online when I get it completed...I love your work and I am working toward the day my that my paintings get to that level of experience! Again, Thank you...Karla

Country Blessings
by: Monte

Karla, I think the brickwork would be more effective compositionally if they were coming across the canvas in a horizontal direction as opposed to a vertical one! Gesso out the tree on the left and set it back closer to the fence line, then if you can tone down the color of the leaves on both trees a bit, perhaps using a deep green with some white lightly worked in bettweent kind of dabbled in...the whole painting would be much tighter. However, this is just my own opinion and the important thing is that you are happy & having fun, so disregard anything I've said that your not comfortable with..still a nice painting that has the potential to be much keep painting and most importantly have fun!

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