Cleaning hardened oil paint from a sectional palette

by Sherry
(Jesup, Georgia)

If you use a palette with individual compartments and your paint is hardened and difficult to remove, there is a simple way to clean it without the frustration of scraping or oily residue from a thinner. Masters makes a bar of hand soap that can significantly help.

Clean off the easy to remove paint. Using the soap, lather it up with your hands using plenty of water. Let the lather cover the entire palette. Let it sit overnight. Using a scrub brush the next day, scrub each area in circles to loose the dissolved paint. Repeat as needed.

My daughter used two of my sealable palettes with additives to the paint. I spent hours trying to remove the mess. I was about to give up and throw them away, when I dropped the lather from washing my hands with Master's soap bar on the palette. It instantly started dissolving the paint and additives.

Even with the worst rock hard paint, they came sparkling clean. It took three soaks to remove her mess, but she had made a horrible mess of two good palettes. Now, they look like new!

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