Church Cove

by Nicola

This painting was based on a photo taken whilst on holiday last May. It was a very overcast day so I had to change it a bit. Despite the weather it was so picturesque that I knew I wanted to paint it. I'm not sure that I've done it justice though.

I used Bockingford 300gms paper and students
watercolours.The size is approx 10 x 12ins.
Thank you Bob for your help with the colours for thatch.
I had a problem with the sky as the paint was drying too quickly to lift out the clouds successfully also I'm not sure about the foreground shadow or the bush on the left. In the photo, my husband was standing by the far cottages but I decided to leave him out!

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Church Cove
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful painting - I really love it. I paint as a hobby; and am currently doing a painting of a cottage and hope it turns out good.

This is great!
by: Jill

Love the purple you used in it.

by: Marilyn

This is truly a lovely painting, as someone else said it is a place you could easily spend a vacation or better still live. It's very soft and pleasing to the eye.

Thumbs Up !!!
by: Gail

Hi NIcola,

This is a very nice painting..

Your clouds are very realistic and I like the bit of pink in them The cottage is well painted and your perspective indicating the downhill slope is excellent. Your shadows are good...

A couple of suggestions for future paintngs and using this one as an example Don't place your birds so close to the edge of the paper (as they lead the eye out of the painting). It is great that you painted 3 (odd numbers are always good ) instead of 2 or 4 .

Your greenery is very good !!!

My other point is to leave some white areas on the ground where you have placed the big tree shadow.. There will always be some sunlight peeking through the foliage and branches

I am looking forward to seeing more paintings from you..



Church Cove
by: Dee

Your work is very nice,I feel that every artist ,novice or not deserves kudos for their
results.I will make one comment,the shadow is fine,but I feel there should be some tree peeking in to validate it.


by: Audrey

Waht a pretty picture. Looks very tranquil. I could spend my holidays there! Well done, Nicola!

Just a Suggestion or Two...
by: Bob

I'm really pleased to see that you've painted a picture, that you've changed from what was in your original photograph.

You must have known there was an article coming out in the latest newsletter about using reference photos!

The distant headland gives a really nice sense of recession and depth to the picture and the perspective looks spot on.

You could probably get away with a slightly more developed sky here as it occupies 2/3 of the picture. (Nothing wrong with that by the way).

You don't want it fighting for attention with the cottages but a few gentle shadows would look well underneath the clouds. Also I'd make the right hand cloud more dominant. At the moment, you have two the same size.

That apart, it's a lovely tranquil scene and I'm sure the inclusion of a mere husband wouldn't have improved the composition at all!

Well done!

by: c

Your picture has a bit of a dreamy feel to it. I like the way it is painted. Your colours are subtle but still give the impression of a bright day.

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