Carl In Heaven

by Nature

I used #2 pencil on regular computer paper.

Original size 11x14. In order to scan and upload to pc. I had to split, copy, print, tape, print and scan again. This process decreased the texture and quality. Now its 8.5"x 11".

This picture I drew in 1990, of my late husband, 2 years after he died.I also have a poem that went with it. "My therapy"

Its suppose to be Carl in Heaven asking God about me and our 2 girls. As God is holding my healing broken heart in his hand and revealing to Carl that we have been walking through the dark corridors of life but are now beginning to approach a doorway of new light.

Most Challenging was Carl's face which I drew from a picture. I am so pleased, and surprised that its just like him. I must say this drawing was only possible by divine intervention, because my talent was never this good before, and only lasted a year or 2 and now I think it's totally gone.

My art was my therapy during that time in my life. I have some other drawings and a couple of paintings but most are not on proper paper or canvas.

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Thank you so much
by: Nature

Thank you both for your comments they were very nice. I think I should have made it known that I drew this approx. 18 years ago, when I was young 23yrs old. I've deffinately been able to move on since then. And as Anonymous said it was knowing that he was still with me that helped. And I know what you mean about wrapping their arms around us when we need them the most.He did.I know it may sounds crazy to some people, but it's deffinately true. Thank God.

I really didnt mean for my description to sound so sad. I look at that drawing now with a happy heart and I hope others can too.

I really have tried to draw since then but it just doesnt look good anymore. I think that old saying must be true, "If you don't use you'll lose it." hahaha

so moving ....
by: Anonymous

Dear Nc of USA, what a heart rending explaination of your work.

It is so lovely, I can see Carl was a gentle caring man, you have caught that quality in your work.

One thing I must disagree with you about (and it is not about your art work) is that you feel Carl had to ask God, how you all are? I lost my mum in 2000 and like you felt I had lost her for good, but once I accepted that she was with me ALWAYS, that in spirit she came to at times of need or any time out of the blue, then I truly began to cope with death and loss.

Try it, you don't see your loved one, BUT you can certainly receive comfort from beleiving they are with you and who knows, THEY COULD WELL BE, what do we know till it is our turn?

I would cry and cry and grieve for mum, till one day I accepted that she was with me comforting me with her arms around me, urging me to get on with my life- she would be always with me, that my life turned around. Now I reach a hand across to the chair she would sit in (in private) if I should need 'her hand' in mine for comfort.

God Bless, and go back to the art work, it will still be there, you are 'raw and hurt', let go and let the pencil flow.

Carl in Heaven
by: Mops

Hello Nature:
It saddens me to think of your heartache all these years. Carl looks like a very nice man and your feeling for him shows in your drawing.
I hope that each day gets better for you and that you are indeed coming into a bright new life.
Your drawing shows talent and I hope you will do more drawings and post them here. I look forward to them.
God Bless...hugs,

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