Care of Brushes

by Eve
(Florence, SC)

I wash rinse my brushes as I use them but when I am done painting for the day I use the same gentle moisturizing soap on my brushes that I use on my skin (Caress, though I don't think the brand matters as long as it is gentle).

Also, once a week I condition my brushes (yeah, with my hair conditioner) and these brushes have retained their shape and lasted better than any ever before.

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by: ArtistMom

Hi, I enjoyed reading all your hits on the how to draw& paint site. Thanks. One thing regarding the soap for brushes. We always end up with end pieces of soap and instead of throwing them away I decided to use one of my pill bottles and squeeze in the left over soap pieces into the bottle. Now I have soap handy for me when I need a bit for say an old brush for using Misket, (to protect the white paper) for example or for cleaning my brushes then when I get home I give them a good cleaning with warm water till all the suds are gone. I must try that moisturizing idea too.

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