Calm Seashore

I started drawing since I was a little kid and loved drawing since then. I always drew something during my pastime and loved to experience different materials and techniques in art.

My favorite is watercolor and this is one of my water color art work. I am a senior in high school and I drew this for art class. I've enjoyed doing it and I'm working on another art work for the next project.

I don't know what I used for the surface, I really don't know what a hot pressed or not hot pressed surface is. I just used regular watercolor paper. My artwork is approximately 12in X 18in. The most challenging technique was to express the texture of the rocks.

It was new to me and I had to practice several times before I started painting on my final paper. I'm not very comfortable drawing rocks but I'm in the process of learning. I'm very pleased how the sky turned out and how the reflection of the rock on water turned out. I would try the sky with more darker color and stronger colors and I would definitely try to make the hill(at a distance) look more far away.

Please, if you have any comments for my drawing let me know. I am here to learn how to paint better and need your help. I admire your artwork Mr. Bob and I hope to hear some word of advice from you. Thank you.

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Great Job
by: Thom

Rocks come in all shapes, forms, sizes, and textures. They are unlimited to your imagination. Let it flow freely from your mind to your brush. DON'T GET BOGGED DOWN WITH DETAIL. Stay free with your brush and it will surprise you. LET IT HAPPEN!

Cold press has a courser textured surface than hot press and is more widely used for watercolor. At that has been my finding. You can find out more than I know (of course) by Googling "Watercolor Papers" on the net, or getting some of the free catalogs offered by art supply sites. There are several to choose from on the net.

I like your painting very much. You show good talent and I would encourage you to continue with your endeavor. Art was one of my majors in high school, and it is something you can carry with you all of your life. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HAPPY PAINTING. STAY LOOSE AND FREE AND LET IT FLOW!!

by: Lana

I really like your rocks...

Nice work
by: Dave O

Very well done you should be proud.

Thank you for your comments
by: Aaron Haah

My name is Aaron Haah and I live in Columbus, Ohio USA. Thank you everyone for you comments. I appreciate them greatly and I will try to creat more artwork and exceed my talent.

So far I drew and made four artwork total.
-"Calm Seashore": watercolor
-"Sweet Rose": drawing w/ pencil
-"Self-Portrait (Aaron)": self-portrait(magazine)
-"Safety Pin": pastel and charcoal

I am working on an abstract piece right now, I hope it will turn out well. This is my first time working on an abstract piece. Wish me luck!

Again, thank you for the comments

Aaron Haah

Distant Hills
by: Dorothy , Carluke


I think you have done a great job here especially the reflections. Your have captured the atmosphere of the place and I think your rocks are fine. You have "led" the viewer into your painting by leaving a space between the rocks.

The only little thing I would say is that your hills in the distance and the foreground are of a similar tone. To push the hills back just add more water to your mix this will tone down the hills. This is called ariel perspective.

Could you tell us your name and where you live please?


by: Anonymous

i love your painting i find water and rocks hard to paint well done irene ann

Good Job
by: Barb

This is very good. Rocks are very difficult for me and you have a good start here. The texture is there and they are very believable.
My only suggestion is to push that distant hill on the right back a bit so it's not so detailed.
I would probably put some sea gulls in the distance as well - maybe that's too trite - but I happen to like them.

Good job and thanks for sharing!

by: Puppy

Wow! Your love of drawing shows in this composition. Very well done. It pulls the eye through your composition out to the distance. Love it!

calm seashore
by: Angeline

I like the reflections, the sparkling light on the water and in the sky. I almost need my sunglasses.

To make the hills look more far away, you could make them more misty by adding more water to your paint, and don't paint a dark line on the top. But it's not so bad as it is now.

Very well done!

What's your name and where do you live?


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