Brown Cat

by Katherine

I don't know if this is allowed, but I did this drawing on Artrage 2. I did this drawing because I found a picture of a cat on the internet so I used it as a tracing image. The hardest bit was getting the colours right! I am very proud of myself because it took me about an hour to do the whole thing! If I would do this picture again, I would probably have less white spaces so when I resize it, there aren't any annoying little white gaps there! I hope you like it!

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by: linda

Hi Katherine

I may have to stand corrected, BUT as far as I am concerned 'anything' is allowed when it comes to being creative, it may not work, different mediums refuse to work together, but whatever you feel you need to do to express yourself and get the result you want then go ahead, YOU are the artist!

With regards your 'spaces' that you are not happy with, this could be rectified now with a grey/brown soft pastel. Squiggle some strokes throughout the body only and 'smudge' in lightly with your finger tips stroking the pastel the same grain as you want the coat to run. Just watch the face, you can touch around the head, ears and along the nose with your 'soiled' fingers to get a softer effect. If you are not happy 'spoiling' this drawing by doing this, you could practice doing a large circle and a smaller circle (like the shape of the cat), squiggling inside it with the pastel and experiment with smudging to create a soft coat. Then you can define different areas with finer pencil or pastel. The cat is lovely, I have four myself and intend to do a piece of work on them one day. Well done.

lovely painting
by: Anonymous

well done it is hard to paint and sketch cats well done again irene ann

by: dave

like it but as you say, to much white showing through.

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