Bright Eyes- Acrylic on canvas

by Linda Falkingham
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

This painting was done in acrylic paint on a small canvas of about 6 by 8 inches

I am a beginning painter and have taken some art lessons (roughly 15 lessons)with a teacher in New Zealand when we are there each year.

I wanted to do a painting of an animal with fur as I had trouble with that in a previous painting, in making it look realistic. I still think that I have trouble with that. I think that in this picture it looks better, however I'm still not happy with it.

The thing that I liked best about the painting was the expression in the eyes.
I haven't framed the painting, I've placed it behind a small trellis with sweet peas growing on it so that it appears as though he is hiding behind the flowers and leaves.

I think that if there was a 'next time' I would do a different, lighter background to the picture, perhaps do it on a larger canvas and then add in the same idea of a trellis and flowers.

I would appreciate hearing how I can make the picture better if I did it again, so to anyone who takes the time......thanks

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Bright Eyes
by: Monte

Hello Linda

I think you have done a fantastic job here. I work mostly with acrylcs and know getting this kind texture & luminosity in a composite is difficult. Bright eyes is a real winner you should be proud!

bright eyes
by: Mary Fraser

wonderful work ..I too love painting animals .I'm saving this one .

by: Linda Prem Kumar


The "eyes" have it!
by: Linda and Andy

I'm always very envious of people who have the skill and talent to replicate something on canvas or any other material. This cheeky little fellow will give us lots of hours of pleasure. Keep up the good work, you are obviously a very talented lady!

Bright eyes....
by: Morley and Ebba

Only one other place have I seen eyes like that, they are on a black cat named Voodoo..You are familiar with Voodoo, I am sure you can see the same thing i both snimal's eyes.
Keep up the good work...Love Morley and Ebba.

by: Rod...Victoria, BC

I am not an artist....but, I do appreciate on a personal appeal level, the intrinsic qualities of art, particularly animals. I clearly see that you have captured the 'Boo' effect on this little Rascal!...As though he has just been caught with his 'paw in the cookie jar!' The eyes...and the facial expression say it all.
Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing...and enjoying...your future efforts.

avery Good!
by: Karla

Love it! Karla USA

Eyes Right
by: Todd Cincinnati

I'll have to post one of my garrish paint monsters . I think that even the most humble effort can reveal beauty (even if we have to dim the lights). I'm not being facetious either.
Having said that...Keep working, I think the most important thing is that you captured his expression dead on. To me, this painting is summed up by the penetrating inquisitive look in the eyes. Sure you could show a bit more of his stance by creating some distance with a smaller subject and a bit more background. You could have darkened the tones on the left side of his face to start creating volume and define the direction of light (which seems to be coming from the top right judging from shadow around his paw on the left). I'm sure you'll get better with practice. But that expression is priceless! I've seen him turning the corner of my yard as I smoked on the porch and said something to let him know I was there. As you study eyes, you'll eventually start trying to even up your eye glints to more accurately show how light is being reflected...I really love that expression - those eyes make you take notice and stare back. Be proud that you can paint this well after 15 lessons.

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