Bradgate Park (The Tree)

by John Herrington
(Notts, UK)

watercolour paper, 300 gsm. 280 x 380. This is probably the best known tree in Bradgate Park, much painted. The challenge was to create a mood

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by: Mary

this is awesome and a place I'd like to spend some time for it looks to be the source of dreams .

Thanks Martin
by: John

Thanks for those comments Martin. Very useful.


Bradgate park
by: Oeendree

The tree is just Beautiful. It's truly in mood. You succeded.

great painting
by: Anonymous

l like this one you have got the hills fab and the shadow well done irene ann

by: Pearl

Excellent painting, very realistic, well done John. cheers Pearl

bradgate park tree
by: Angeline

I like the subtile tones and the details of the tree.

Very nice!


Good Composition
by: Martin

Good composition. The eye is drawn into the painting by the triangle of rocks in the foreground, past the tree to the plinth in the mid-ground, just to the left of centre. But if we ask ourselves "where is the light coming from?" we see that the foreground rocks are casting no shadow, giving the impression that the light is over the viewers left shoulder. The mid-ground plinth says the same thing; the front of it is quite light, giving the impression it is in the sun. But the tree itself seems to have some shadows coming forwards, and the small rock on the right does the same. The light needs to come from a consistent direction all over the picture.

Also, the ground and the tree are painted in a limited palette that does convey the mood very well, but the sky does not say the same thing to me. You really needed a sombre, oppressive sky with cloud-shadows picked out in your ground colours to tie the two halves of the picture together.

It's a good effort; you clearly have the basics, but you need to move up to a new level in your planning stage and think a little more about what you are trying to say and which picture elements are going to help you say it.

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