Boucherie Gueho

by Audrey
(Brittany, France)

Acrylic on canvas on board 46cm x 55cm. I wanted to paint the village butcher's shop as he is a neighbour of mine.

I found it quite difficult as it is such a plain building. The flower display outside the shop this summer was beautiful but I don't think I did it justice. I added the dog as the butcher's 17 year old dog died this year.

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Jan 05, 2008
Clean and pleasant
by: Jane

You did a very good job but be brave and don't use anything that resembles a ruler when you create.
Looking at this painting makes me want to enter that store. The dog is great and I love his shadow.

Nov 14, 2007
Realy good
by: Dorothy, Carluke

Hi Audrey,

This is lovely - you've captured the light and the heat of a summer day.

I agree with Mary about the ruler but sometimes a ruler helps with perspective and yours is good.

You obviously know what your doing so try it free hand next time like Mary suggests and I'll bet you will be pleased with the result.

I'm sure your butcher would be pleased to see it, he might even buy it from you!!!!



Nov 14, 2007
by: Mary Fraser

well done ..i have a feeling that you've done what I did when i had to do a building for homework...used a ruler . My teacher said that if i did it again she wouldn't even look at it . I haven't used my ruler since and my buildings...much to my surprise sprang to life .

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