Barn under Loughrigg

by John Robson
(Redcar, NE England)

Barn under Loughrigg

Barn under Loughrigg

This barn is on the winding back road from Ambleside to Rydal in the English lake district. The road winds around the bottom of Loughrigg Fell, a small lakes peak.

The medium used for this painting was some watercolour pencils bought from WHSMITH. They don't have "proper" colour names on them (ultramarine, cad yellow, raw sienna, etc.) but are simply labelled as follows:

Yellow, Lime Green, Dark Green, Crimson, Red Brown, Tan Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Blue & Dark Blue. I also picked out some detail with a fineliner pen.

With w/c pencils, I tend to use a mix of techniques - I can colour in and stroke over with water in the traditional manner, or for large washes, scribble the colour onto a spare piece of paper & use it like paint in a pallet.

The paper was just good old bockingford bought from SMITHS again.

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by: Mary Fraser

I love how you captured the inside of the barn . I have tried the watercolor pencils but prefer the crayons ... the effect is softer and blends easier . I use them for sketches ... especially when travelling .

Personal interpretation
by: alvin phua

i like this painting. i can see the artist is not trying to duplicate a realistic rendition of a scene but rather an interpretation from within himself. this is in a style of fairytale book illustration.

Very good!
by: Anonymous

This is very good and peaceful, keep going.....


Very Nice
by: Phil

There's a lot of detail in this picture and you've obviously taken some time on it. The colours are so vibrant.

I like the soft sky, distant trees and I think you've done well to capture a (not many this year!) beautiful sunny day.

I find that when working on a lot of detail you often get so close to the picture that you forget to check things like perspective. It can spoil a scene like this but you've got it just right.

Watercolor Pencils
by: Mary Jane

This isn't the style of picture that appeals to me but I can appreciate the time and skill that has gone into it.

I'm not sure about the tree on the right hand side coming into the picture - it looks a bit too solid like topiary. Was the tree like this - completely solid?

My persoanl favorite is the barn door and window - really help to give the building depth and are in just the right position for a focal point.

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