Baby Fox

by Mary Fraser

I've been wanting to do this guy for a while but was intimidated by his baby fluff, huge ears and curled upness. It was the look he is giving the photographer that I love..... a very go away glare. Mom must be close by and not concerned. The baby is really grey.... I guess as I used a brown-black my camera picked up only the browns.

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by: Mary Fraser

Morning Mops,

Thanks for the encouraging words's people like you who get me past my doubts about my talent . I agree about the dot of light . I joined this group in order to grow and learn .

Baby Fox
by: Mops

Oh my have done a nice job on a difficult subject. I can feel the baby fluff on the body.A tiny white dot on the pupil of the eye would bring it to life. I like the nice loose brushwork on the green base.

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