Applegarth At Work (Watercolor 350mm x 245mm)

by Rob Williams
(Liverpool, England)

Applegarth At Work

Applegarth At Work

This is a picture painted from a photograph loaned to me by my son-law's Mother. The Applegarth was sunk in the Mersey and her Father was on board, he did not survive. I painted another view of the tug for her and she has this hanging.

The painting is painted on Windsor and Newton Cotman not, 140lb/300gsm. Paper size is 380 mm X 280 mm.

I use a template size 350 mm X 245 mm, to paint within. This I find is right for mounting the picture in a 22" X 16" frame (500mm X 400mm).

I used mainly student quality paints but I do use the odd artist quality. The colours I used were:

  • Ultramarine blue
  • Burnt Umber
  • Pains Grey
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Cadmium Red
  • Raw Sienna

I am trying to use a limited palette more often, as I gain in experience. I find the colour mixing process is fascinating. I use very little Pains grey now.

The most challenging part were capturing the water and the atmosphere. I am pleased with the way water turned out and I like to think the misted background gives the picture something special.

Also, painting a black hull and making it look realistic is not as easy as it looks.

Any constructive comments can only help me move on!

Rob Williams.

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Thank you.
by: Carol Double( Nee Perry)

My dad was the mate on that tug when it sank, I was only 2 years old when he died so I have no memories of him so to see this picture is very special to me. thank you.

by: Mary Fraser

So very beautifully done and thanks for sharing why you painted it. My husband too was on a tug that one survived. That was 40 years ago and I still miss him. Perhaps if I painted my photo of his tug it would ease my heart.

Applegarth at work
by: Joy in Austrealia

You have done a magnificent job on this painting.......the misty background is just right and the water is very well done.....Congratulations on a relly good painting.

Applegarth at Work
by: Monte

Excellent work Rob! I like boat paintings & seascapes, the misty skyline works well against the boat in the foreground & the hull work is perfect!

Thanks for the comments
by: Rob Williams

The picture is more or less as the monochrome print so the perspective is as the photo. I did think about leaving the small tug out or turning it around but as the funnel is pointing back itno the picture I decide to leave it in. Once again thanks for the comments. All are duly noted.

Good work!
by: Francie

I think you did a wonderful job with this Rob!

Keep at it.......

Applegarth Feedback
by: Bob Davies

I well remember the tragedy of the Applegarth.

So the misty atmosphere you've created on the Mersey is fitting for the subject.

Like the way you've created the swell of the river & good to see how you've depicted the black areas of the Applegarth hull in greys to suggest the subtle curves of a tug boat.

Two minor observations. On the background tug,if turned round the other it prevents it sailing out of the picture.

Doing this also acts as a 'stop' to bring the eye back to the focal point.

Second, the red funnels of the ships are close to the centre of the pic & could cut it in two, though I think you got away with it here.

Well done!

Stunning watercolour
by: Dorothy, Cambs

This is a good painting, I think you are quite well advanced and it shows, the only comment I have is on the composition the large boat is a bit near the lefthand edge and looks as it is heading straight out of the picture. Otherwise it's extremely well done.

Good Seascape Scene
by: Phil

Overall, I think this watercolour has real atmosphere. I like that you've used (presumably) paynes grey for the water rather than blues which give it the murky, industrial feel.

I think the perspective of the larger boat in the background is off slightly but it may have been like this in the photograph. But then that's what artist's licence is for. I'd like to see this boat look a little more imposing to give a better sense of scale.

Waves in the foreground are good and this is an aspect that many people struggle with. Overall a very nice watercolour that captures the atmosphere and location very well.

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