African Giant.

by Jonathan Clarke

Hello again everybody, I hope you do not mind me sharing this first attempt at Pastels with you. They were bought for me as a present, and as you can see I am struggling to get to grips with them.

Any way here is my first go, completed on 120g/m pastel paper, size 390 by 270mm. I found this media interesting to work with, and flipping difficult and unruly at the same time!, but I did enjoy myself a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to look. The materials by the way were soft Pastels or so it says on the box.

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by: Mary

wonderful animals aren't they...well done ..even though the legs aren't quite right I can 'feel' his presence . Keep doing them and you will get better.

by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi Jonathan,

For a first attempt you did well.

Keep practicing to make the colours brighter and to draw the right proportions.
Try to make more details, the grass, the folds on the proboscis, the eyes.

Perhaps I can inspire you with an elephant in pastels, I painted 20 years ago (Yes, I am very old!)
You can look at:

Good luck!


by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Jonathan,

I agree that you need to concentrate on the proportions of the elephant. I also get the feeling that you rushed this painting perhaps because you were not confident about using pastels. Don't give up on them they are a great medium and eliminate the need to mix colours.

Yes, you can get soft pastels, hard pastels which are usually about four inches long and are square. These can be sharpened with a craft knife to a fine point and are good for detail. Pastels also come in the form of pencils which are also good for details.

Keep up with your painting,



by: Dorothy, Cambs

For a first attempt this is not bad, uyou need to pay more attention to the proportions of the animal, I have done a few pastels but would not attempt an elephant!

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