Advantage of Acrylic.

by Souraya Mazzaoui
(Venezuela, Maracaibo.)

All my Abstracts work were painted with acrylic. There are some tips and tricks to paint with acrylic and I would like to share with you.

I little history about how I started to paint with acrylic:

I am using acrylic since 2002 when I spent some months in Australia visiting family. In the same trip I took some courses on Abstract painting and started my experience with this medium. Before that I painted with oil, ink, watercolor, pastel, gouache, crayon, etc.

Advantage of Acrylic:

I think Acrylic is a wonderful medium because of its versatility. It dries very fast so that is important to paint quickly - in some cases the beginners can't work fast and they find it difficult working with it, but when they get experience they can see that is not a limitation, otherwise, is an advantage.

Other advantage of using acrylic is that you don't have to add oil or turpentine. In some cases people don't like the odour of this solvent - with acrylic you use just water. You can also use "retarder" if you want to slow the drying speed.

Painting with acrylic you can use paper, canvas, canvas board or fabric, all of them are working well with acrylic.

Finally, for painting abstracts, the acrylic is an excellent medium as you can paint coat over coat. It dries very fast and you can continue your work without to have to wait days to keep on your work.

I love the acrylic!! It is very nice to paint with it!!!

If you have some tips and tricks about painting with acrylic I would like to know about them.

Souraya Mazzaoui

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Advantage of Acrylic
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting your lovely painting. It's always easier to visualize painting tips when we have a canvas before our eyes.

I'm an "older" beginner, but I agree with you that there are advantages in using acrylics over other media. They are my preference.

I would like to master the art of watering down acrylics to where they look like watercolor paintings, especially florals painted on watercolor canvas (by Fredrix).


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