Acrylic Ink Painting

by Brian Moisey
(Winlaw B.C.)

Start with a watered down canvas. Spatter and drip liquid acrylic ink all over the canvass. Lay on top cling film in different bunches. Crinkle a bit, be imaginative and let dry overnight. Dig into the pencil crayons and felts and fill in the spaces. Enjoy.

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by: lingcod

Pastels work well in combination with acrylics to soften and blend edges. You must use a 'fixative' over them, of course.
Faber-Castell (brush) ink pens are great in that they can be used along with acrylic paints.
A retarder additve works well for me to extend the working time of acyrlic paint.
Mix twice as much as you'll think you'll need for
that special color . . . like a sky. How many times I've run out and try to duplicate a custom mix. Paint is cheap-store the rest. Paint won't dry out if it's sealed with plastic wrap.
I've used Oven cleaner on brushes and pallets with heavy build-ups of paint. AVOID fumes and contact with materials you don't want 'eaten' away. I use it on many more items too, mower decks, chain saw, any greasy thing. Just gotta' watch it.

Will give it a go
by: Chris

Sound like fun and has the possibility to produce exquisite effects

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