A Tribute to Vickie Bloye Gainsburg's Eastern Point Lighthouse

by Ron Zancola
(Long Island, NY USA)

Not sure if this meets your 'no copies' rule. It is an original painting I did inspired by a post card I bought. If it doesn't meet your rules, no problem. Ron Z.

140 Lbs Cold Press, 12" x 9"

I bought a card by Vickie from a local shop and thought it was a great picture to practice techniques. My previous pictures had two strikes against them; my composition/drawing abilities and my painting skills.

The most challenging part for me was to keep the house clean and crisp.

I'm most pleased that I was able to get the proportions correct.

I'm working on creating a painting from a photograph I took at a local light house here on Long Island. This way both the composition and techniques are mine.

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by: Angeline, the Netherlands

The sun is shining in this painting. Beautiful, bright colours.

Eastern Point Lighthouse
by: Mops

Hi Ron:
Great painting.....clean, crisp, well balanced.
Makes me feel like going for a walk.

by: Bonnie C

The colors are so light and crisp... I love it.

If this is pastel...it looks very much like watercolor. The painting makes you feel like you are there.

The proportions are perfect.

by: betty

what a lovely picture so well done i do copy off postcards calanders anything that catches my eye

love the colors
by: breighdi

Hi Ron, I really like the colors in this painting. You did an excellent job with the proportions, in my limited opinion anyway..lol. I did a lighthouse once and the little fence around the top gave me the biggest fit. Yours is awesome!

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