A (Definite) Handy Alternative

by Jeff

From quite a few Web-sites, i have come across artists recommending paper-towels (even towels themselves)....for removing Paint from your Drawing, Brushes, etc.

Unpredictable, in the execution. And of the consequence thereof?
What if you're out-doors?
There's something everyone does have at home.....that certainly does eliminate those 3 'question-marks'.


Works very well......as a 'sponge', to lift off excess paint, to clean your brushes and palette in very quick time.

Most important of all, if you really have to 'answer the 'Call of Nature' (use the toilet, for real!)....outdoors, well, you don't have to cry for Help, and let everyone know you have no toilet-paper, now is there?
You're already..carrying your own supply!
(Just sure it is a 'full roll'.....while you are outdoors. To be on the safe-side.)

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by: Tom

I thought of this a while ago too. Andrex Puppy's on a roll works for me! :D

Good idea!
by: robertsloan2

Too true! I discovered toilet paper for cleaning up after watercolours a long time ago, just because I went through the last three sheets of facial tissue after a mess and it was there. It's often a lot more absorbent than paper towels unless it's the very cheapest industrial sort.

Toilet Tissue
by: Anonymous

Since toilet tissue is designed to breakdown in water, I don't see how it can be used for cleaning brushes etc., without having a bunch of tissue "bits" sticking to everything.

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