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Here's Issue #005 of Starting Art
September 11, 2007

Issue #5 - September 2007


I've recently had to take the contact form down from the site due to the number of e-mails being received. I was finding it very difficult to answer everyone especially as I'm working hard to get a DVD project finished on time.

For the time being I won't be able to answer questions including replies to this newsletter. I will still continue producing Starting Art every month and the site will continue to grow at a pace, so keep checking back!

I kindly request your patience and understanding until I'm in a position to start answering questions once again.

Many thanks,

P.s. If this e-mail doesn't format correctly in your e-mail software (i.e missing images, broken links etc) you can always see the contents at the following back issues web page:


1. Video Tutorial of the Month - Acrylics Basics Part 2: Tonal Sketch

2. Share Your Artwork!

3. Q & A - How do I paint pine trees ?

4. How to easily draw realistic boats

1. Video Tutorial of the Month - Acrylics Basics Part 2: Tonal Sketch

Texture Paste This month's video looks at the first steps in any acrylic painting - underpainting and the tonal sketch. the scene is taken from Red Wharf Bay - a habour in Anglesey in the UK.

Click here to see the video...

2. Share Your Artwork!

I've recently added a terrific little tool to the site that allows you to upload a picture of your artwork and have it critiqued (in a friendly, supportive way) by other visitors. Visitor's artwork

I haven't formally announced it yet but it's really taken off. And there's some wonderful and really diverse contributions...

So why not upload your own artwork and help others by offering some construcitve feedback?

Click here for how to share your work and to see that of other visiors...

As soon as we get enough contributions, we'll split your art into relevant categories (such as watercolor, abstract, oils etc.)

3. Q & A - How Do I Paint Pine Trees?

Pine TreeI've put together a quick 4-step tutorial for painting pine trees. I haven't had chance to make it into a webpage and will do soon. I know that some people have had problems opening the pdf versions I've created previously, so for now here are the steps as four seperate graphics (these should open for everyone). You may like to print them out and follow along:

Pine Trees Step 1

Pine Trees Step 2

Pine Trees Step 3

Pine Trees Step 4

4. How to Easily Draw Realistic Boats

Boats Here's a quick and easy way to draw boats of any size that sit realistically in the water. This is another 4-step tutorial delivered through four graphics (rather than as a pdf file). Best to print these out and practice along.

Boats Step 1

Boats Step 2

Boats Step 3

Boats Step 4

That's it for this issue. See you next time!


Copyright Bob Davies 2007
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