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Here's Issue #004 of Starting Art
August 09, 2007

Issue #4 - August 2007

Hi and welcome to the latest issue of Starting Art.

As ever, if you have any requests for articles, tutorials, tips or advice, please let me know.... you can do that by simply replying to this e-mail.

Best wishes & enjoy your painting!


P.s. If this e-mail doesn't format correctly in your e-mail software (i.e missing images, broken links etc) you can always see the contents at the following back issues web page:

Now then, I've been away with the ultimate boss (wife) Pam, in Northern Italy for a few days, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Garda. So apologies to anyone who's e-mailed me in this period and thinks I'm ignoring them. I'll get replies to you as soon as I can....


1. Video Tutorial of the Month - How to Paint With Acrylics - Part 1 Getting Started

2. Q & A - How do I paint rocks ?

3. Q & A - How do I paint the sun shining through clouds?

4. Art Supplies Review - Using Acrylic Mediums

5. Problems Viewing the Videos?

1. Video Tutorial of the Month - How To Paint With Acrylics

After watercolor, I'm probably asked more about painting with acrylics than any other medium. Texture Paste So this month's video looks at what you need to get started in acrylics - including paints, paint surfaces, things to paint with (you don't HAVE to use brushes!) and finally, a neat, inexpensive palette you can make in minutes to stop your acrylic paint drying out before you've finished your painting... Click here to see the video...

2. Q & A - How Do I Paint Rocks?

Here's a question from Barb. "Bob - I'm having a horrible time making rocks in a landscape look like rocks. I try varying the sizes and shape for interest, watch my light and shading and it is still a mess...."

It's a problem that many people experience so I've reproduced it here. This step by step graphic will give you some ideas about forming rocks and boulders that look like they sit IN the ground rather than on it and have light and shade and color. Although the graphic is produced in pencil and acrylics, the principles are pretty much the same for other media such as watercolor and oils etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The graphic will appear side on because it is too large to view online. The best way to view this is to simply print it out.

Click here to see the graphic...

3. Q & A - How Do I Paint The Sun Shining Through Clouds?

Here's a question from Nikki:- "I saw a picture so beautiful and would like to paint something like it. I was wondering, how do u get the sun to look like it is coming through the clouds on a really sunny day...?"

This is all about making your clouds darker than you think to emphasise the light of the sun. Have a look at this watercolor sketch I did a little while back to see what I mean.

PLEASE NOTE: The graphic will appear side on because it is too large to view online. The best way to viewthis is to simply print it out.

Click here to see the graphic...

4. Art Supplies Review - Using Acrylic Mediums

Texture Paste

Once you've seen the 'how to paint with acrylics' video you might want to look at this article to see what a huge variety of additives and mediums are available for use with acrylic paints. Here's the link:-

Click here to read the full article...

And it might be useful to look at the acrylic paints article I did a couple of issues back, if you haven't already seen it:-

Here's the link for that

5. Problems Viewing The Videos?

Inevitably with using videos on-line, I get queries from visitors when they can't view the tutorials for one reason or another. So here's a few ideas that may help if you're having problems.

a) The most common problem seems to be 'starting and stopping' of the video while it's playing. It's probable that your internet connection and/or PC processor isn't quite fast enough to run the video without interruption. I have tried to balance the video settings at a point where you can receive a picture of decent enough quality but yet doesn't take hours for most people to load it, so inevitably we end up with a compromise for some folks. A solution to this is sometimes to let the video run right through without watching it, then immediately play it again without leaving the page. There's a replay button at the end of each video so you can do this. As the video is already loaded, it often seems to play better the second time around....

b) The videos won't run at all. This is almost certainly an adjustment you need to make on your PC to allow videos to run - so ask someone to check it out. I'm no computer expert, but I'm told by those who claim to know that it could be just a default setting that needs to be unlocked via your control panel, etc...

c) The video just stops half-way through. See below.

d) As a further check, go to "". All my videos are on there and they have to conform to their technical standards to run. If you type in the title of any of my videos in their search bar, you'll get to them right away. If they run via Youtube, then fine. I'd like you to watch them on my site so you can navigate the other pages easier, but I'd sooner you're able to watch them on Youtube rather than not at all...!

If you can't run them on Youtube, then it's something on your PC you need to get checked out.

Anyway, hope this helps if you've had any problems.



Copyright Bob Davies 2007
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