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Anyone can learn how to draw and paint if they're shown the basics and given encouragement! How to Draw and Paint

Enthusiasm, guidance & practice equals ability - not "being born with it".

Think that's exaggerating? Consider this...

How many adults - mature, even very mature adults - have learned to use computers with some degree of skill in the past few years?

Do you think they were 'born with it' five, six or seven decades ago - before computers were even invented? Of course not!

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Learn To Draw & Paint By Video!

There's no better way to learn a new drawing or painting technique than through the medium of video. And it seems people have gone video crazy on the Web. So with that in mind...

Art instruction videos

I add my own instructional videos to on a regular basis now. They're be placed on this special video tutorials page.

Watercolour Secrets

Lots of FREE Drawing
& Painting Tutorials Right Here!

Here, you'll find pages packed full of free hints and tips designed specifically to help someone like you start or improve your drawing and painting skills...

Using simple techniques that really work, you'll discover how to draw anything you want, quickly and confidently. Faces, landscapes, flowers, boats - anything. And if you want to add color, there's an oil painting techniques section, a watercolor techniques section, acrylic painting section, pastels section and so on.

There's a special section on the immensely popular subject of how to draw animals. You'll find dozens of tutorials on a huge variety of animals from horses to cats to dogs and tigers - the list is endless - and it's growing all the time.

About Bob

Cariacture of Bob Davies Read a bit more about Bob Davies, the creator and presenter of How to Draw and Paint and why he believes... Keep going...

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Genuine, Unsolicited Support

Happened to find your friendly manner of presentation. That is a gift Bob. Through that gift, you can't help but touch people. Stay well.
Ron S.

Hi Robert, just want to say thank you so much for your lessons, so much information and learning in them, and the videos are wonderful. Love your art and the art displayed on the links. Once again thanks, you have no idea of the enjoyment they bring.
Judy L.

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